1.Meeting Edward McKintosh changed my life! For many years I have suffered with MS and chronic sciatica. Mr McKintosh operated on my back to relieve the pain. The operation was intense as many nerve endings were twisted. A year later, I am pain free from the sciatica – I have other back problems which he is now addressing.

He is probably the kindest, most professional and gentle of men. He took time to listen to me and acted on my problems. His ‘bed-side’ manner is lovely and his after-care superb. Would I submit to his scalpel again? Oh yes, without hesitation.

PS. If you are hard of hearing – bring your ear trumpet along!

2.One day I was taken to the hospital in a critical condition. I woke up with 2 drains inside my head and could not remember a thing. It turns out I had a colloid cyst inside my brain that blocked the fluid inside my head. Now I had to have another operation and it success depended on whether I will return to normal life.

I had a lot of questions and many doubts regarding my health condition. Team of doctors and nurses taking care of me gave me a lot of support, answered all my questions. They were very supportive, warm and were really those of skill. They saved my life.

I feel good now. The most important thing is that I am alive and recover quickly and all this thanks to wonderful team of doctors under the leadership of Doctor McKintosh.

Thank you all from all my heart!

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